Ideal Hope Foundation

We create communities that give families a chance to rebuild their lives

Ideal Hope Foundation

Ideal Group is comprised of Ideal Developments, Ideal Entertainment and Ideal Ventures and Ideal Hope. We are driven by a desire to disrupt conventional business models and passionate about assembling extraordinary teams to realize ambitious goals.


Our funding partner Ideal Developments shares the same philosophy of bringing families together and helping those in need by developing sustainable communities around the world. The Build Haven program funded by Ideal Developments will build a new home for a family in a developing nation for every home purchased from Ideal Developments. It is a very simple philosophy. Buy one, give one.

There's absolutely no extra cost to Ideal Developments' clients. Build Haven operates with a level of transparency and integrity that gets the job done right before your eyes. This is the first program of its kind in Canada, and perhaps the world. Together Ideal Hope and Ideal Developments are serving local home buyers to the best of their abilities, while helping those in need.


Together, let's change lives, one home at a time.

The global economic crisis, compounded by conflicts, has impacted many communities and families. This has made it more difficult for them to meet their most fundamental needs. At Ideal Developments, we are committed to supporting families thorough this essential program. One of added benefits of this Ideal Developments' initiative is that it not only changes the lives of the families receiving the homes, but it provides a tremendous sense of purpose and fulfillment for volunteers and supporters.

Ideal Hope helps address homelessness through disaster relief and inspires change in communities both in Canada and the developing world.



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